First installation of Unitest Marine Simulators Full Mission in China

With the cooperation with WIN G&D we have completed the installation and training of full mission touch screen engine room simulator in the HHM-MPA Training Center of Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd, Shanghai, China.

The installation includes full available packed of Win G&D W-Xperts simulators (W-X35 FPP, W-X35 CPP, RT-Flex 50 Dual Fuel, W-X62 and W-X72) medium speed engine room DE3D and diesel electric engine room DE3D.

HHM-MPA Training Center is a specialized training center depending on Hudong Heavy Machinery – a leading enterprise of China ship power, and a training and service window of CSSC power for shipping power market.

Hudong Heavy Machinery is the only 60-year professional enterprise in China which can manufacture high-speed, medium-speed and low-speed diesel engines.

Installation was met with great interest of the local representatives of the shipbuilding industry. We had a number of meetings concerning the possibility of using our simulators and the future cooperation.