The educational program ROTARY VANE STEERING GEAR is intended for teaching the basic principles of how to operate typical electro-hydraulic rotary vane steering gear.

The steering gear is composed of one hydraulic rotary vane actuator mounted directly on the rudder stock, served by two pump units delivering the necessary oil pressure for operating the rudder.

The program consists of two main parts:

- Multimedia presentation
- Simulator

The multimedia presentation part of the program consists of main sections mentioned below:

1. General description of the Rotary Vane Steering Gear and technical data.

2. Main elements description.

3. System elements' photos.

4. Steering gear operating mode.

5. Starting procedure.

6. Assessment - some questions about the theory and the practice in the skill test.

The Rotary Vane Steering Gear Simulator consists of the following parts:

- Bridge Control Panel
- Control Room / Local Control Panel
- Diagram