Unitest Full Mission Engine Room Simulator on a training ship in Busan, KOREA.

We have completed the original installation of engine room simulator on the training ship THE MOBIDICK, belonging to Pukyong University in Korea. The project included delivery of Full Mission Simulator with touchscreens, PC classroom and additionally – High Voltage Breaker Simulator.

Pukyong National University is one of the largest universities in South Korea with extensive facilities for marine and technical studies.
Thanks to Unitest simulator cadets will be able to do essential practice during their seagoing service. The opportunity to use the simulator in the real sea conditions, together with the practical verification of knowledge in the ship’s engine room create teaching capabilities that are unique on a global scale.

As part of the contract, we provided various types of engine room models, including the newest X92 simulator, LER-EC based on MAN electronic control engine and dual-fuel engine rooms powered by LNG. In the CBT classroom, apart from the simulators, the CBT library is available along with the latest part 10. The installation was supplemented by High Voltage Breaker Simulator, which will enable the operation training of HV procedures, despite the lack of high voltage in the ship’s engine room.