Virtual Engine Room 7 (VER7) is available for purchase! VER7 includes all functionality of the well-known VER6 (including two main engine models) plus the pack of the advanced features called Chief Engineer Version. This pack includes the newer version of the ECO module and completely new Emission Module.

The Emission Module presents the detailed calculation of the EEXI coefficient for the example container ship with the same ME type as the modelled in VER7. Additionally, the momentary values of EEXI, NOx emission and SOx emission are permanently calculated for the present operating conditions and compared with the MARPOL limits.

The ECO Module can be used in order to observe the influence of the selected ME operational parameters and the ambient conditions on the fuel consumption and the environment pollution. In general, this data should awake the economic and ecological awareness of the trainees.

In the case of the electronically controlled ME model, the Chief Engineer Version includes also the possibility to simulate 30 different ME faults, where their requested values can be selected from the given range or chosen randomly. To fix the simulated ME faults, the trainee can apply proper maintenance or change the electronic control settings. Totally 23 different maintenances are available and their choice can be supported by the special tool called Diagnostic Expert which includes some of the diagnostic theory as well.

The pdf version of the VER7 brochure is available by clicking on the following link.