Marine Training Software CBT Part 12

Marine Training Software CBT Part 12 is now available for sale.

CBT 12 includes the following modules:

  1. Dynamic Positioning System – Introduction.
  2. Ships High Voltage System – Introduction.
  3. LNG as a fuel for sea-going vessels – Introduction.

CBT 12 can be purchased separately as an upgrade (for those who already have CBT 1-11) or as a part of a full CBT 1-12 package.

Dynamic Positioning System – Introduction module presents the fundamental aspects related to marine dynamic positioning. It covers several chapters including, for example, Dynamic Positioning (DP) philosophy, an overview of DP system components, and operations.

The Ships High Voltage System – Introduction module explains the concepts and functionality of high-voltage marine electrical installations. This course is intended for cadets and students during the education process, as well as for representatives at the management and operational levels of the ship’s engine room department.

The last module, LNG as a Fuel for Sea-Going Vessels – Introduction, covers important aspects of LNG properties, safety considerations, and its use as a fuel for ship engines. The course will also focus on procedures and regulations related to the bunkering process.


The pdf version of the CBT 12 brochure is available by clicking on the following link.