Unitest Marine Simulators is a World Leader

in the application of virtual reality techniques in marine engine room simulators

Unitest Marine Simulators Ltd.

Unitest was founded in 1990 as a private-owned enterprise and 26 years later the company converted to Unitest Marine Simulators Ltd.

The company staff includes prominent experts from Gdynia Maritime University (Poland), young, dynamic programmers and creative graphic designers. Dr Leonard Tomczak, President of the Board, is also the founder and managing director of the original UNITEST enterprise.

In the beginning, the company’s activities concentrated on the design and production of diagnostic and measurement instruments for ship engine rooms. Gradually, the company broadened its scope of activities and in 1994, UNITEST started to develop the Computer Based Training (CBT) interactive programs for marine engineering students and maritime engineers. Currently, the CBT package includes 33 independent programs and new modules are being developed continuously.

In 1995, UNITEST began to produce engine room simulators and the first low speed diesel engine room simulator was created two years later, followed by medium speed diesel and steam turbine engine room simulators. UNITEST has become a supplier of the customized dual-fuel engine simulators for “BC Ferries” ships built in Remontowa Shipyard, Gdansk (Poland).

UNITEST is a world leader in creation of maritime training software and fully interactive engine room simulators with realistic 3D visualization of the machinery space. Additionally, UNITEST’s simulators use state of the art, proprietary, integrated checklists and fully automated assessment of the trainee competencies.

UNITEST also creates interactive programs adapted to the needs of different marine equipment manufacturers. By using 3D technology, these programs usually extend the operator’s manuals and allow for a better understanding of the equipment’s construction and functioning. UNITEST constantly cooperates with ALFA LAVAL (Sweden), Kistler (Switzerland) and other maritime manufacturers. Recently, UNITEST has become the exclusive supplier of customized simulators for all new, electronically controlled low speed diesel engines produced by Winterthur Gas and Diesel (Switzerland) – formerly part of the Wärtsilä corporation.

In order to expand the offer, UNITEST has started to develop 3D mobile applications which support the engine room maintenance works.