MED3D Medium Speed Engine Room Simulator

The Medium Speed Engine Room Simulator MED3D has been based on typical solutions, being presently used in medium-sized engine rooms (one four-stroke type main engines with reduction gear and controllable pitch propeller).

The simulator introduces 3D model of the Engine Room, based on the real equipment. In order to create the impression of working in the real environment, it provides 3D sound which can be listened on 2, 4 or more speakers.

This simulator is designated for training students of maritime academies as well as for different types of marine vocational training centres. The simulator has universal features and may be used both for training merchant and navy fleet crew.

The main purpose of the simulator is the practical preparation of the trainee for engine room operation, and more particularly:
  • familiarization with the basic engine room installation (compressed air system, fresh and sea water cooling system, lubricating and fuel oil system etc.),
  • acknowledgment with main engines and auxiliary equipment starting procedure,
  • propulsion system manoeuvring (main engines – reduction gear – CPP).

The software allows for the simulation of opening/closing of basic valves and auxiliary equipment operation in engine room installations. The software also generates the main engine room’s sound.

The installation of the simulator’s software is simple, it is performed by the user and does not require any manufacturer’s installation services.
The software also enables to set up engine room resources and load or save setups.

The simulator software’s language version is English.

The simulator has been developed in compliance with:
  • STCW Code: Section A-1/12 and Section B-1/12,
  • ISM Code: Section 6 and Section 8.
To meet the requirements:

Engine Room Simulator has been developed to comply with STCW Code:

  • Section A-1/12 and Section B-1/12
  • ISM Code: Section 6 and Section 8

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