Low Speed Engine Room Simulator W-Xpert – Electronically Controlled

W-Xpert  Engine Room Simulator is based on typical solutions and presently used in medium engine rooms such as Suezmax tankers, Capesize bulk carrier as well Panamax and Sub-Panamax container vessel. The propulsion machinery is based on Electronically Controlled Winterthur Gas and Diesel engine family.

W-Xpert Engine Room Simulator is available with four (4) different main engines:
  • Winterthur Gas & Diesel 7X35 FPP-version
  • Winterthur Gas & Diesel 7X35 CPP-version
  • Winterthur Gas & Diesel 6X62 FPP
  • Winterthur Gas & Diesel 6X72 FPP
W-Xpert has been developed to comply with:
  • STCW Code: Section A-1/12 and Section B-1/12,
  • ISM Code: Section 6 and Section 8.
Model description:

W-Xpert simulator offers detailed simulation of X-engine behaviour in regards to operational aspects, its functionality and performance.
The Alarm and Monitoring System allows the operator to control all propulsion system equipment parameters.
The control panels have to imitate the most important parts of the control room equipment.
Control room allows remote control of engine room equipment from computers.

The Intelligent Combustion Monitoring System (Cylmate) for continuous pressure measurement and analysis of NOx emission level and FOC (Fuel Oil Consumption) with primary features includes: graphic presentation of PT, PV and Balance Diagrams, together with Mean Indicated Pressure and Maximum Pressure deviation limits. Calculated values of Effective Power, Mean Indicated Pressure pi, Compression pressure pcomp, Maximum pressure pmax and Scavenge pressure pscav include values for fuel injection and exhaust valve adjustment.

Electric Power Plant is equipped with modern Power Management System which contains all standard functions, such as load dependant start/stop, load sharing, synchronising, and load shedding.

The electric power plant includes three (3) diesel generators and one (1) emergency generator.

The simulator introduces 3D model of the Engine Room, based on the real equipment.

The 3D model includes very realistic, animated, virtual controls like switches, gauges and lamps.

Zoom technique allows navigation in 3D environment and easy access to details.

Here is a list of W-Xpert main features:
  • W-Xpert is a highly realistic simulator for ship’s engine room training which can also be used as a low cost introductory simulator.
  • The mathematical model simulates a typical ship’s engine room with one 2-stroke, low speed engines, reduction gear and controllable pitch propeller.
  • All vital auxiliary systems have been implemented.
  • The user interface includes virtual controls and alarms and creates very realistic environment.
  • The 3D virtual reality with active valves, tank level indicators and selected digital gauges enable comfortable engine room operation and monitoring.
  • Multichannel digitised sound provides a very realistic ships’ engine room feel. The sound effects include: engine sound correlated with engine speed, the sound of a diesel generator starting and running, open indicator valve sound, alarm and machine telegraph buzzers.
  • Emergency procedure training including fire simulations.
The main educational tasks which can be accomplished using W-Xpert have been listed below:
  • Learning ship’s engine room typical operating routines.
  • Ship’s engine room operation training. The user will have the possibility to accomplish any operational task starting from different setups, both pre-prepared and saved by a user.
  • Corrective action learning when faults occur. Different faults can be simulated and mixed in the run-time or loaded from disk.

Main Engines Data

Type:  Winterthur Gas & Diesel 7X35

Rated power: 5220 kW
Cylinder bore: 350 mm
Piston stroke: 1550 mm
Stroke/ bore: 4.23
No. of cylinder: 7
No. of air coolers: 1
No. of Turbochargers: 1
Engine Speed: 118-167 RPM

Type:  Winterthur Gas & Diesel 6X62

Rated power: 11680 kW
Cylinder bore: 620 mm
Piston stroke: 2658 mm
Stroke/ bore: 4.29
No. of cylinder: 6
No. of air coolers: 1
No. of Turbochargers: 1
Engine Speed: 77-103 RPM

Type:  Winterthur Gas & Diesel 6X72

Rated power: 21660 kW
Cylinder bore: 720 mm
Piston stroke: 3086 mm
Stroke/ bore: 4.29
No. of cylinder: 6
No. of air coolers: 2
No. of Turbochargers: 2
Engine Speed: 66-89 RPM

To meet the requirements:

Engine Room Simulator has been developed to comply with STCW Code:

  • Section A-1/12 and Section B-1/12
  • ISM Code: Section 6 and Section 8