Unitest Full Mission – delivery and installation in Vietnam

Unitest Full Mission Engine Room Simulator has been successfully installed in the Maritime Vocational College, Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The College is one of the largest maritime schools in Vietnam which offers degrees in Navigation, Marine Engineering, Marine Electrical Engineering and Business Administration. At present, there are over 1000 students studying in the College.

The delivery covers Hardware Full Mission Simulator and PC-classroom with ten training stations.

The installation includes the following software:

  • MED3D Medium Speed Engine Room Simulator
  • Virtual Engine Room 6
  • MER3D Engine Room Simulator
  • PSV3D Engine Room Simulator
  • Low Speed Engine Room Simulator W-Xpert
  • LER3D Low Speed Engine Room Simulator
  • Steam Engine Room 2 LNG
  • Gas Turbine Simulator
  • Management Level Simulator – Turbo Diesel 5
  • Marine Training Software – CBT