Marine Training Software Part 9

It is with great pleasure that we announce Marine Training Software Part 9 available for sale.

The following modules are included in the new software package:

  1. Alfa Laval PureBallast Treatment System,
  2. Alfa Laval PureBilge – Bilgewater Cleaning System,
  3. Fixed Firefighting Systems.
Alfa Laval PureBallast System

A ballast water treatment system based on the new Alfa Laval solution, PureBallast 3.0. The new module contains a presentation part and a simulator.

A ballast water treatment system is required by the new Convention for the Control and Management of Ships’ Ballast Water and Sediments, commonly referred to as the BWM. The convention requires ballast water to be treated to specific standards prior to discharge, and permits national, regional and local authorities to apply their own regulatory framework in their respective territorial waters.

The presentation part covers basic information related to ballast water management rules, configuration of the system and describes working principles.

The PureBallast system simulator supplements the theoretical information from the presentation parts and enables practical training on the system. The following processes are implemented in the simulator:
• balast
• debalast
• striping
• cleaning on place CIP

The Simulator has got the original Alfa Laval control system HMI and is equipped with very realistic 3D graphics.

PureBilge – Bilgewater Cleaning System

Bilge water must be treated to reduce the oil content to levels that meet international regulations for release into the environment. This is critical to keep the world’s oceans and vast marine and land ecosystems healthy and productive.

The Unitest PureBilge system simulator based on an Alfa Laval solution is a reliable and fully automated, single-stage centrifugal separation system to clean oily water onboard vessels at sea and at land-based power plants. PureBilge is approved by Class societies and the U.S. Coast Guard based on International Maritime Organization (IMO) test protocol.

PureBilge is able to reduce the oil-in-water content of bilge water to less than 15/5ppm Depending on size, it operates at flow rates of up to 2500 or 5000 litres per hour to handle even the toughest bilge water treatment applications.

Fixed Firefighting Systems

Marine Convention SOLAS and Classification Societies require all seagoing ships to be equipped with a firefighting system. Different types of firefighting systems, also named extinguishing systems or appliances, are used on board ships.

Unitest Fixed Firefighting Systems CBT module describes basic rules related to marine firefighting systems and also presents a series of movies related to their operational procedures.

The module concerns the following issues:
• Crew responsibilities in case of fire
• Fire detection and alarm system
• Hydrant firefighting system
• Water mist firefighting system
• CO2 firefighting
• High expansion foam firefighting system

The pdf version of the CBT9 brochure is available by clicking on the following link.