X92 – The New Low Speed Engine Room Simulator by Unitest

UNITEST has released a new engine room simulator based on the WinGD X92 low speed engine. The simulator was developed in close co-operation with many ship machinery manufacturers, such as Winterthur Gas & Diesel (main engine), Alfa Laval (fuel conditioning module, LO & FO purifiers, fresh water generator, ballast water treatment system) and Aalborg (oil-fired & exhaust steam boiler).

The X92 simulator offers a detailed simulation of the behavior of the modelled engine with regard to the operational aspects, functionality and performance. It has got a Certificate of Approval issued by the engine manufacturer to be used in specialized training courses at WinGD training centers.

The optimal approach ensuring the realism of engine room operation training is achieved by integrating a very realistic mathematical model and high-fidelity 3D presentation. The X92 simulator offers highly realistic graphics of engine details that are directly connected to the real control diagrams.

The X92 has also several unique features, such as:

  • The graphic visualization of the dynamic engine working point within the engine limits curves.
  • The compressor map operational curve with a surging margin. In combination with the possibility of simulating turbocharging system faults, it is an extremely valuable teaching tool.
  • The possibility to set the engine control parameters in the same way like in the real engine via the FlexView interface, which is a copy of the original WinGD engine control software. This includes also the simulated Intelligent Combustion Control System with auto and manual control.

The pdf version of the X92 Engine Room Simulator brochure is available by clicking on the following link.

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