Marine Training Software CBT Part 11

CBT 11 – Marine Training Software CBT Part 11 is now available for sale.

CBT 11 includes the following modules:

  • Alfa Laval Fuel Conditioning System (FCM 1.5).
  • DESMI CompactClean.
  • DESMI OptiSave.

CBT 11 can be purchased separately as an upgrade (for those who already have CBT 1-10) or as part of a full CBT 1-11 package.

FCM module introduces the basics of fuel preparation for marine engines. The module contains a detailed description of the fuel block operation and enables one to get acquainted with its operation and maintenance.

CompacClean module is related to the treatment and conditioning of ballast water using the new DESMI system.

The last module OptiSave covers the important issues of optimizing fuel consumption in marine engine rooms by optimization of pump speed in modern cooling water systems.

The pdf version of the CBT 11 brochure is available by clicking on the following link.