Unitest Full Mission Engine Room Simulator in Singapore

The next installation of the Full Mission Simulator has been completed. The touchscreen version of the simulator was officially launched in Singapore.  The new installation will be part of global network of Winterthur Gas & Diesel (WinGD) training centers. Together with similar simulators located in Greece, Korea, China and Switzerland, it enables specialized training in the operation of modern low-speed marine engines.

Unitest advanced simulation software is the result of many years of cooperation between Unitest and WinGD. The library covers the entire range of modern marine engines, from the small X35, the dual-fuel RT-flex 50DF, through the medium-power X62 and X72 to the largest X92. The X92 engine simulator is available in two versions: supplied by liquid fuel and dual fuel with LNG capability (X92DF). The X92DF engine is equipped with the latest control and gas supply system developed by WINGD. Soon, the available Unitest library of simulators with WINGD engines will be extended with a new engine room with two X72DF engines. Meeting the TIERIII emission standards in this engine room will be possible also on liquid fuel thanks to the use of SCR catalysts in both main and auxiliary engines.

In the newly opened training center, dedicated courses in operating slow-speed engines authorized by WINGD will be held. All engine room simulators used in the courses are available at Unitest for individual orders.