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WinG&D X62/72 engines

New engines 6W-X62 & 6W-X72 are available in W-Xpert simulator

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Unitest Marine Simulators is a private – owned enterprise, founded in 1990 and based in Gdańsk, Poland. In the beginning the company’s activities were concentrated on the design and production of diagnostic measurements on ships during sea trials. Gradually, the scope of company activities was broadened and included the design and installation of complete Diesel engines laboratories for marine educational institutions.


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Delivery and Installation – High Voltage Breaker Simulator

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Unitest High Voltage Breaker Simulator has been successfully installed in Gdynia Maritime School. The simulator is integrated with existing Unitest Full Mission Simulator and creates completely new possibilities for training...

WinGD opens new virtual reality engine room facilities

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Winterthur Gas & Diesel has already opened the new virtual reality engine room facilities at the Marine Power Academy Training Centre of Hudong Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. (HHM), in Shanghai,...

Engine Room Simulator with WinG&D X92 engine

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Unitest in cooperation with WinG&D is developing the engine room simulator with W-X92 engine. Latest visit of Unitest Engineer on container ship allowed to collect all necessary documentation to accomplish this project. View...

Unitest Marine Simulators in the Marine Export Catalogue 2017

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Maritime Export Catalogue is professional and the biggest database of polish maritime companies. The magazine consists presentations and articles about sea companies from Poland. Inside you will find the article...

Unitest Full Mission Engine Room Simulator with Touchscreen Solution

The new version of the full mission engine room simulator with the hardware consoles and the multiple touch screens. All touchscreens responsible for the 3D visualization are built in hardware consoles now. All engine room models with 3D engine room visualization can be run in this new hardware configuration.

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