Single Console Engine Room Simulator

General description and application

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Unitest Single Console Engine Room Simulator combines features and benefits of a hardware simulator (steal console with real levers) with a very compact size. It can be used in normal PC classrooms as a multiple installation in different configurations: desktop type (version A), freestanding type (version B), freestanding type with wall-mounted monitors (version C).

It allows for a significant increase in the training realism when compared to the software version.

The new console is compact in size and includes real engine control levers, digital gauges and several touchscreen monitors. The PC is built inside the device, so no additional configuration is required and the simulator is immediately ready to use.

The UNITEST single console is an engine room simulator with a single desktop hardware console.

Engine room simulation software – MER3D

The new console is recommended for small training centers and can work with various medium speed engine room models.

The UNITEST MER3D Engine Room Simulator is based on typical solutions presently used in medium sized engine rooms (2 four-stroke type main engines with reduction gear and controllable pitch propeller).

The main purpose of the simulator is the practical preparation of the trainee for engine room operation, and more particularly:
  • familiarization with the basic engine room installation (compressed air system, fresh and sea water cooling system, lubricating and fuel oil system, gear and CPP hydraulic system);
  • acknowledgment with main engines and auxiliary equipment starting procedure;
  • propulsion system maneuvering (main engines – reduction gear – CPP).

The MER3D simulator is based on an engine room composed of two (2) medium speed diesel ME’s and two (2) diesel engine generators.

The propulsion system includes two (2) ME’s, which driving the controllable pitch propeller (CPP) through reduction gear. The propeller’s revolutions and pitch are controlled simultaneously.

The simulator introduces 3D model of the Engine Room, based on the real equipment. In order to create the impression of working in real environment, it provides 3D sounds which can be listened to on 2, 4 or more speakers.

MER3D has been developed to comply with:

  • STCW Code: Section A-1/12 and Section B-1/12.
  • ISM Code: Section 6 and Section 8.