Marine Training Software – CBT

The marine training software package’s (CBT) aim is to teach the basic principles of how to operate marine power plant equipment. The programmes offered are intended for training cadets and marine engineers.

The educational package is based on the solutions being actually used on ships. The machinery and system in the simulation exercises are realistic to allow acquisition of real skills.

The Marine Training Software consists of the following training 2D and 3D simulators:
  • Air Conditioning Plant 3D
  • Auxiliary Steam Boiler Installation
  • Biological Sewage Treatment Plant
  • C.P.Propeller Installation
  • CompactClean NEW!
  • Comb. Oil Fired and Exhaust Gas Boiler
  • Diagnostics of Modern Marine Diesel Engines (diagnostic methods for two stroke diesel engines) NEW!
  • Diesel Engine Generators
  • Diesel Engines
  • EcoStream
  • Emergency Power Plant 3D
  • Electric Power Plant
  • Fixed Delivery Pump Steering Gear Inst.
  • Freshwater Generator
  • Freshwater Generator 3D
  • Freshwater Generator 3D AQUA Type
  • Fuel Conditioning Module 3D
  • Fuel Conditioning System (FCM 1.5) NEW!
  • Fuel Oil Treatment Plant
  • Gas Turbine
  • Hydrophore Installation
  • Hydrophore Installation 3D
  • Marine Compressors
  • Marine Diesel Engine Monitoring Systems
  • Marine Heat Exchangers
  • Marine Hydraulic Machinery
  • Marine Pumps
  • Oily Water Separator
  • OptiSave NEW!
  • ORCA offshore (ORCA offshore freshwater generator) NEW!
  • R.C.S. for MAN B&W LMC engines
  • R.C.S. for SULZER RTA Engines
  • Refrigeration Plant
  • Refrigeration Plant 3D
  • Reverse Osmosis Desalination System
  • Rotary Vane Steering Gear
  • Steam Boilers (steam production) NEW!
  • S-type Separation System
  • Variable Delivery Pump Steering Gear
  • PureBallast Treatment System (Part 9)
  • PureBilge – Bilgewater Cleaning System (Part 9)
  • Fixed Firef Fighting System (Part 9)

The above mentioned training simulators are interactive i.e. they enable the realistic presentation of the marine power plant equipment functioning. The simulators are equipped with control panels and system installation diagrams. The control panels contain push-buttons, switches, pressure gauges as well as control and alarm lamps. The control panels and the main switchboard were intentionally designed to be as close as possible to the real equipment design.

Some programs offer the possibility to realise regulations of the system parameters. In case of faulty operations the simulators will react identically as it happens during normal operations, including alarms, shut-downs, tanks overfilling etc.

All operations on the PC screen such as hand-operated valve opening/closing, pump starting/stopping, etc. are effectuated by mouse-clicking. The automatic valves are controlled by the control panel.

The programs enable the visualisation of the set values of the respective gauges as the diagrams not only show the flow presence but indicate the liquid level in the tanks as well.

Graphic symbols which are used in simulation programs are described in the legend.

Simulator programs are sound generated.

All CBT modules made in 3D technology offer the possibility to move around with a help of the state of the art Zoom Technology. The user can select a 3D yellow frame which appears when the mouse cursor points the selected machinery object. The mouse click moves the user close to the selected object with the possibility to watch the gauges and to control a position of the valves, pushbuttons and switches.

Programs are secured by individual Hardlocks or by a single network hardlock for whole class room.